Swipe In Swipe Out

corporate-icon-corporateDay starts by 7.30 AM shoe gets a glow ,vanheusen covered body , spiked head , windshield eye wear ,Titan Watch wrapped over the arm ,heavy perfume fragrance.Taking the routine path which lead to a highly air conditioned workplace,after a mandatory ritual “Swipe In” (beep beep…. attendance noted) there waited a reserved isolated cabin with a desktop containing GB’s (Giga byte) of files and folders of someone’s(client) dream for which we are appointed to work on and give the best solution . The day comes to an end after accepting all learning.Again a mandatory “Swipe Out” (beep beep…. attendance hours calculated).This is a cyclic action that runs from 1st to 31st on every calendar .

The Shoe gets the glow back on 1st of calendar if the salary is credited.This is the life between the swipe in and swipe out where we work for someone’s dream.


One day this desktop will have GB’s of files and folder that will hold full of my dream and passion for which i will work for .  -Burning Voice of budding Entrepreneur


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