nutsFour years of dealing with nuts and bolts were always my memorable days, wearing the lab uniform holding the tachometer to find the RPM(revolution per Minute) of high speed engines made me feel like a true engineer(though i get faulty efficiency graphs).

Days passed mail popped on my desktop(blooop….) saying
“Please Enter your GPA & CGPA to appear for interview” .

Three months of hard core training from college management (you wanna know on what?)

The training was all about finding the length of the train, direction of sailing boat, time for police to catch the thief .(all about aptitude)

Hold on.. still i’m unable to figure out why the importance was given to find the direction of the boat but not for my passion.

I was bold enough to face an interview until the HR questioned me “What are all the languages you know ?”

My answer was confident ” I know English and Tamil”
HR gave back a disgusting look at me and stressed “Do you know JAVA, Python any of these ?”

Ma Inner voice…[Wasn’t this interview about Thermodynamics and Machine Design ?]
HR: “Solve this program and give the output”

I was able to find only
} statements in that,

somehow managed to solve it and returned the sheet to her .with a rough face she said me to learn the languages soon.


From then on, my life was miserable as if..else.. statement .


Most of the organisations have a standard if else for graduates (explained for two marks)

Eg: if (CGPA > 7.5)

printf(“Enter the interview hall”);

printf(“search for higher studies”)
/*shit..i missied ; above ,I’m gonna get 750 Errors for four line program*/



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