Every Hug is Special


Short lean young 8-year-old boy had a demand for a mode of transportation to his school. He has been watching his friends propelling the rusted iron rods (pedals…queek…queek…) of the bicycle which took them to the school. Every day he could find some new bright painted bicycles rolling across the street.

As a part of weekend activity, the boy was asked to get some vegetables from the store. His mom gave him Rs 20/-and said him to get 200gm of potato and 250gm of sugar.

The boy had a habit of grabbing the wired basket to carry the goods from store to home. On the way he noticed a silver rim (shinning under the sun #Cling…#) of a bicycle that was parked under the tree, more than the skeletal structured body, the lock of the cycle was very impressive (number lock). He thought it was a complex firewall algorithm to prevent the two tyre from theft.

bike-loveHe went  to the handlebar and gave a closer hug and whispered “One day you will be mine”.

With all his love towards the alloyed lustrous body under the tree ,he forgot what his mom said him to buy from store. He went to the store and stood completely blanked (aaa…aa…aa…). If he returns home with empty basket his day would be miserable.

He wanted to see the bicycle again while he returns to home. With all these running inside small vacuum head. He managed to say the shopkeeper to get him 200 kg of tomato and 250 kg of sugar and handed over Rs 20/-(Hard to understand unit[Gram->kilogram] conversions at those age) . The shopkeeper understood what he meant and loaded the wired basket.

Happy young little boy with the enthusiasm of hugging the lustrous beauty again returned on the same way to meet her under the tree.

His sharp wide eyes went searching for her under the tree but he could find only dry leaves on the ground and traces of tyre on sand. With a heavy heart he went to home where his mom waiting for him.

He handed the basket, she gave a smile and hugged him “go wash your hands let’s eat”.

Every hug is special and it means something. Few are fortunate to carry on with that hug ,few have to forget that feel.


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