Story behind the door

Tuscany SunriseEverything was new for him on that beautiful morning, they woke him up by 6.00AM, before he hasn’t felt that cold and warm rays from the ball of fire.  Hot water was flowing through the dozy head of the little boy (blup…blup…blup…).

His father was busy grooming himself with clean shaved and well fit suits. Mom was busy grooming the sleepy head, sweeping the smooth hair with coconut oil and powdering the tender cheeks (buff…buffff…). The boy had no clue what was going on around him, except his tiny spider man (toy) which was held in his tight closed palm.

School-Uniform-Icon-web.pngNeither he cared to understand the fact that was going around him. Suddenly a white shirt and a navy trouser jumped out of the wardrobe. The poor old boy thought it was a new dress gifted to him by his parents.

His eyes were still blur and half closed. The boy was taken to the prayer room while his priority was on playing with the spider man(Jooo…fooo…hooo..).

After the prayer was done his dad advised him “Be a calm and obedient kid don’t fight with anyone”.

Boy(Inner voice): Am I not calm enough from morning 6.00 AM without raising a question.”

schoolDad started his bike, little boy was accommodated over the tank (playing with the toy) and mom on the rear seat. All he had in his mind was, they were on a way to a temple or to attend some function  .

Bike started to decelerate in front of a gigantic steel gate into which people where rushing faster like a railway station.

Mom and kid was dropped at the gate along with a spider man printed bag. Dad joined later after parking the bike and pulled out the spider man toy from the little boy and armed him with the bag to his shoulders.

Tears clogging at the edge (what can a 3 yr old kid do? Can he use “#” to protest against his dad?)

the_blue_doorAll three stood in front of a blue painted door from where the little boy noticed that all were wearing the same dress which he was wearing (he concluded it wasn’t a gift to wear, it was forced to wear).

All were crying the including the ones who stood outside the blue painted door and the little ones inside the blue painted door.

A mid aged woman was controlling  all the little Lilliputians who were crying and running to their parents. Boy felt nervous and confused, he found his parents were not entering into the room. Instead the hands were moving in the air singing good bye .

The doors got shut.

Loud cry gushed with tears, banging the door and abusing the lady to open the door.

And there stood the mother crying to her husband “Now who will torture me when I’m cooking? who will irritate me when I’m reading books?

Tears rolled down from the beautiful young couples .


He consoled his wife saying“one day we will be PROUD of him, it’s a seed we have sown for his future, Let’s get back to work to provide him with THE BEST”.

Every one are not gifted with someone who provides us with the best, unless they are our parents.


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