We the AgHoRa

Maya the trance around us

Only breath and soul are yours,

Truth and justice of life is a boat

Docked at shores of River Ganga.

We the Emperors of Varanasi ,Roar against darkness


12 years of tough Meditation & Enlightenment,

Total sacrifice of humanitarian qualities.

We are not just packed with flesh and blood,

Tonnes of ganja /bhang , Gallons of drinks cannot harm us.

We are beyond human, We are the ultimate.


People like you have fear on us because,

We are ferocious  like 40 C Ganga.

You forgot we are equally holy as it .

We are not contaminated, We are the heal



I Live at cemetery and feast on humans,

I’m covered with ashes of your karma,

Your carcass is my pondering mat,

Your seven lives is decisively gambled upon my will of penance.

The Light in happiness is the darkest path set by Maya.



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