Darkness m@rried Depression

I guess, I was in 5th Grade when one of my neighbor was sharing his thoughts about darkness to his friend. I was able to predict that he was very much depressed. I heard all negative things that’s  supposed to be. It created a strong belief in me that whatever goes wrong in life, we can refer it to darkness.

— Darkness = Problems = Failure = Ignorance —

Years passed I’m trying to convince myself that darkness isn’t about negativity. It’s a myth that’s  being said for a long time.

“Someone made me to accept that darkness is complex but not a magical mystery. Universe expands by consuming that dark energy.

Every time we fail, Life becomes dark? Every time you shatter into dust makes u feel the darkness?

Schools taught us Light is about wisdom, Darkness is about ignorance.

The Supreme Darkness

I wanted to find the root of darkness and I came across few things,

Darkness is supreme to all because it gives the maturity to find the wisdom in light. Yes, It will take years to learn, how to hang up with the complexity of darkness but it teaches something that you are supposed to know,

Definitely it gives pain but suffering is optional. Better way to face this world is to get forged in darkness and let the light celebrate your hard work that you have undergone in darkness.”

It was 5:30 in morning I woke up from my dream. I felt the heat, drank more water and slept back.

I’m Coming for you

Next day I started my routine , some dark corner of my mind spoke to me and it said “I’m Coming for you”.


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